He broke my heart + I was never the same.

You’ll learn that sometimes, shit happens and life will suck. Some days, you won’t wanna get up. You’ll have dreams, there will be those that will get in the way. You’ll get your heart broken. You’ll feel a little lost. You’ll feel like your whole world has fallen apart. 

Hang in there. It always always gets better. Don’t be afraid to let people who want to be in your life in. Let them make your day a little better. Party hard, if you must. Take it one day at a time. Don’t rush. You’ll find yourself again - not faking a laugh but truly happy. Love will find you again. & You’ll be thankful, because now, you’re a little stronger, a little better, and you know that when you go through another struggle in life, it always always gets better =) 

In this game of life, you win some and you lose some. When a door closes, it is an opportunity to look at other options that may have been the better choice for you. Take pride in the winnings, Accept the things you lost. Take a moment to see where things went wrong and learn. There are better things to come. One day, you’ll look back and realize why things went the way they did and the pieces in the puzzle will eventually, come together. We just have to be patient.. and wait.

Dream, Take some risks and remember when you fail, you get up and Try Again. 

Note to Self. =)

Always trust in God’s perfect timing! <3

here’s Jaeden helping me test my setup before the shoot. haha Gotta love that signature smile >:D

There’s being tired, and then there’s being completely exhausted it brings you to tears just to get your body up and moving because, hello! toys are scattered everywhere, milk has been spilled on the newly changed bed sheets, newly washed clothes are scattered all over the floor & your little boy thinks it’s fun to stay up all night and climb into your back, slap your face or maybe even pull your hair until the early am, and just when he has used up all his energy and decided to sleep, your alarm rings and it’s time to go to work. 

Yes. Hello. This was my week. It was tough. Finally, I was just plain exhausted and cried my ass off to my husband who made me think that everything I just complained about was absolutely hilarious. He has his ways. That’s OK, he says. 

And then, the little boy comes into the room and does his little dance with his arms up, shaking his body, doing turns and laughs at himself as he drops on the floor. 

& No matter how tough our day has been, no matter how un-cleanable the house may be, and no matter how exhausted any momma can be, There is always that little thing that will make you smile and feel like it’s enough to make your day. Today, I was reminded to try not to miss these little things. Sometimes, they are enough to get us back up and running. (&maybe an EXTRALARGE double double too, pls and thanks)

"I only said it cause I mean it,

I only mean it cause it’s true.”

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outtakes from the trio feature for herrohachi summer 2011 ©abotzphotography

Hong Kong 2011 : Ecko Taking behind the scenes pictures during a shoot